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Come ride with me through the veins of history

don't waste your time or time will waste you

anachronistic and impulsive
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This house is now vacant.
Inquiries may be forwarded to my new home at tumblr. The address is just to your upper left.

15th-century italian politics, and one, anthropology, archaeology, axis powers hetalia, baking, balancing science and religion, ball-jointed dolls, beautifuck!, being a gay communist, beirut, bendy angels, bisexuality, blackadder, books, british antique shows, british literature, cannibals, caterinasforza+me=otp, cephalopods, childfree, classic lolita, classical music, cold war propaganda films, collecting wwii memorabilia, covenant, cuddly jumpers, cute dumb girly boys, dada's beard, daft punk, dance metal, depeche mode, ebm, egyptology, foxy arabs, gankutsuou, gay nazis, good omens, guro, harry potter, having-an-unhealthy-love-for-historical-figures, hellsing, history, inevitably overdosing on tea, innocent world, jstor take the wheel, kaya, lady gaga, literature, lycanthropy, making fun of kaya, marine biology, martin-luther-is-a-huge-jerkface, militaria, mitchell and webb look, muse, mythology, neil gaiman, neuroticfish, nurse uniforms, nurses, octopus chopsticks, oscar wilde, overturning tables, plastic tree, pretending to be british, radiohead, ragnarok online, rammstein, reading in the bathtub, regency silver snuffboxes, rinzler's luscious booty, robots, russian, san francisco, sapiosexuality, schwarz stein, sharks, sherlock holmes, sleeping, soviet lady snipers, steampunk, stephen fry, supernatural, tea parties, the borgias, the sisters of mercy, the word 'clusterfuck', tron, tumblr, velvet eden, venice, venture brothers, vnv nation, vodka, vorarephilia, writing, wwi, wwii, zombies,